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Bibles for India!

Bibles cost just
$2.90 each!

We are passionate about the Indian people and their access to God's Word!

We are excited to be used by the Lord for India!

Over the last year and a half as a result of Covid our local body of believers has been in contact and worked with many Christians around the globe via our YouTube Channel Bible Truth In Prophecy. Though that ministry we we can into contact with D. John Moses and Christian Brethren Assembly in Kurnool India, we have been working together to provide Bible and other forms of outreach the rural people of Andhra Pradesh.

To date we have been able to assist in providing 500 Bibles! Also, helped with the purchase of purchase of a 4 wheel drive 12 passenger van! These items have given encouragement to the believers on the ground taking to Word of God into these villages, seeing many souls coming to Christ as their Lord and Saviour!

Be apart of what's going on in India an donate today!


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