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Israel July 2022

 Israel Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 & 2 

Our journey begins with your departure from your home city to the New York airport followed by the flight on to Tel Aviv, Israel. Once in Tel Aviv we will meet up our guide and board our bus to transfer to Jerusalem and the lovely Olive Tree Hotel! After dinner, you can either sleep off the jet lag or join one of our evening explorations into the Old City.


Day 3 

After a buffet breakfast at the hotel, it’s off to Bethlehem and the birthplace of Jesus Christ. We visit the Church of the Nativity and see a cave similar to the one Jesus would have been born followed by a visit a shepherds’ field like one where the angels would have proclaimed the Good News of the Messiah. We then will plan to head to a Potter’s House while we enjoy watching them work with clay and watch the Scripture come alive. Continuing to Bethany, see the cave thought to be where Lazarus himself was buried, when Christ called out to him “Lazarus, come forth”! Remember each evening can include more discovery time or relaxation at the hotel and fellowship with new (or old) friends.


Day 4

You’ll need to eat a good breakfast as this day will be full of walking.  We start with a walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem along the Cardo, once the main street of the city. Explore the Davidson Center where Robinson’s Arch is (the common entrance to the temple mount during the time of Christ) and the Southern Wall Excavations, including the Teaching Steps and the Western Wall. Remember how Jesus healed on the Sabbath when you visit the Pool of Bethesda. At Herod’s Antonia Fortress, see where Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate.  Walk the traditional Via Dolorosa (“the Way of the Cross”) and remember the Lord’s sacrificial love and take a glance at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher—one of the traditional locations believed to be possible burial place of Christ. Share communion together at the Garden Tomb, another location believed to be the burial place of Christ and celebrate His Resurrection with sites of Golgotha’s Hill in the background. We will visit Zedekiah’s Cave, also called Solomon’s Quarries (one of Nate’s favorite places in Jerusalem) Time permitting, there will be an opportunity to walk Hezekiah’s Tunnel. (Keep in mind the water in the tunnel is ankle deep, so for those who don’t wish to do this, they can remain on the bus.) Return to our hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 5 Wednesday July 20th – Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea

This morning we travel South to Qumran, site of the Dead Sea Scroll discovery. We will make a stop at Ein Gedi to see the beauty of the area where David found rest and hid with his band of men from King Saul. Continuing on to Masada, a massive fortress built by Herod the Great, this is the location where the Jewish people held out against the entire Roman Garrison and the epic picture of refuge often spoken of in the Psalms. Next, take a dip in the mineral laden waters of the Dead Sea while floating on the surface of the water (and reading your newspaper simultaneously, if you so wish), an experience you will not want to miss! Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem. 


Day 6 

Stand on the Mount of Olives and enjoy a remarkable view of the Golden City of Jerusalem while remembering that Christ will come again to this exact place. Walk to the Garden of Gethsemane, having a rich time of devotion as we think about the area where Christ was betrayed wish a kiss. Then we will walk down the Palm Sunday Road as we approach the Kidron Valley and the East Gate. Next, we move on to Mount Zion and visit an Upper Room, similar to one where they may have had the Last Supper. Finally, visit the home of the High Priest Caiaphas, a place where Jesus may have been held in that very dungeon after His arrest. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem. 


Day 7 

In the morning we will visit the Temple Mount (Mount Moriah, the site of the 2nd Temple and Abrahams’ willingness to sacrifice Isaac), the Dome of the Rock and East Gate. From there, it’s to the bus and a journey to Samaria, the capital of the Northern Kingdom and home to Ahab and Jezebel.  We pass between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim where the Israelites recited the blessings and curses of the Law. In modern day Nablus (ancient Shechem), see where the Samaritan woman encountered Christ at Jacob’s Well (another of Nate’s favorite places). Draw water from the same well and remember the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ towards sinners like us. Before returning to Jerusalem, visit the world’s oldest city…the ancient city of Jericho—home to sites such as Elisha’s Spring, Rahab’s house, and the Mount of Temptation (though we will only be able to visit what time permits). Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.


Day 8 

Travel to Tiberias and to the beautiful Sea of Galilee stopping at the Yardenit, a Jordan River Baptismal site at the South of the Sea of Galilee. There will be the opportunity to be baptized for those who so choose. We continue to Caesarea Philippi, where Peter made the Great Confession “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” This is also near the probable site of the Mount of Transfiguration. We will view Mt. Hermon, that is snow caped most of the year. Dinner and overnight in Tiberias.


Day 9 

Enjoy a scenic drive to Capernaum, center of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee. From there, we visit the Mount of Beatitudes, contemplate the text of the Sermon that Jesus preached there (or near there). Experience the Sea of Galilee in more depth as you set sail across the Sea of Galilee while hearing a Sunday message from God’s Word. Visit the Church of the Fish and the Loaves in Tabgha, the site thought to be the location of the feeding of the 5,000. See the Chapel of the Primacy and remember how Peter professed his devotion to the risen Christ three times. We drive past Magdala, once home to Mary Magdalene, to visit a recently discovered first-century synagogue. From there, it’s back to Tiberias for our evening dinner and night at our hotel on the Sea of Galilee.


 Day 10 

Today we visit Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle. Continuing on to Nazareth, we will visit the Nazareth Village where we can experience and see first-hand what life may have been like in Jesus’ time. We will travel to Mt. Carmel where we have a beautiful view of the Valley of Armageddon and the Mediterranean Sea. Then travel to Megiddo National Park where we will get an even closer overlook of the very valley of the battle of Armageddon (and you’ll soon find out this is one of Mark’s favorite sites!).


Day 11 

After packing up our bags and eating a good breakfast, we will journey to Netanya and see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea (also home of our dear guide Paul). From there we make our way to Caesarea Marittima, where Peter took the Gospel to the Gentiles and where Paul was imprisoned before going to Rome. From there we will visit Jaffa (modern day Joppa) said to be one of the oldest seaports in Israel. This is the port by which timber came from the forests of Lebanon to build Solomon’s Temple and the very same city Jonah fled to when he did not want to go to Nineveh. It is also the city of Simon the tanner where Peter stayed ministering to the believers. After a day of exploration, we will enjoy a farewell dinner together while looking back and discussing our trip that has made an impact on our lives forever. Overnight in Netanya.


Day 12

Though you may be returning to your “normal” life, life will never again return to normal for once you have seen and heard the things you’ll experience over these eleven days, your time in the Word of God and intimately knowing the God of the Word will be forever changed.

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